Friday, November 8, 2013

Surprise endings

#1 - A few weeks ago I ran the last race of the Reno 5000 series for this year.  It was supposed to be in early September but the air quality from the area fires was so bad they postponed it. 

As much as I understand the reasoning behind the schedule change, I was really bummed.  I was trained and mentally ready for that race.  Fast forward to actual race day: I am not ready for the race (aka I just spent three whole weeks 'tapering'), it's cold and raining, and because of schedule conflicts none of my normal running group is with me.

Because I had nothing better to do, I hung around for the awards ceremony and raffle drawing in hopes that I might win something cool.

I was rather surprised when they called my name for winning 3rd in my age group.  Especially since I was grumbling to myself about how slow and hard this race felt.  I was two whole minutes slower than the 10K I ran in June. 


I was even more surprised when they said I won 3rd in my age group for the series.  And while I am pretty sure I only won because all the fast people stayed home that day....I will take it!

#2 -  And one year minus 5 days from the day I had my ACL reconstruction surgery I ran the Healdsburg half marathon.  I hadn't trained as much as I wanted to the last two weeks leading up to it (again...big surprise!) so I was very pleased with my 2:08 time.  It's a minute faster than my best time pre-knee situation.  And so close to the 2 hours mark that I can't keep trying for it out of my head. 
This half marathon called for a sparkle skirt and batman socks

I'm back running the distances I love, it was the first half I got to run with the boy, and at the end there was a wine glass waiting for me.


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