Monday, March 10, 2014

Missed and not Forgotten

Mama, the sunday school teacher asked if anyone had prayer requests.
I prayed for Beatrix.
I still miss her.

So do I little one.  So do I.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Muddling through and some random pictures

If the last few weeks had a theme it would probably sound a lot like my Dad's favorite saying, I'm just working on today....

The boys have been working very hard on a box jump so I can practice at home.  I love it!  Two footed jumping it turns out is hard to re-learn both physically and mentally after having knee surgery.
It has been busy the last few weeks.  There was a half marathon, I got a new PR (2:06:40)!
And the crossfit games started the same weekend.  Not the best plan, but I did both.
It was a challenge.  Any one who saw the backs of my legs this week saw the evidence of just how terrible my double unders are.  But I got a score and I advanced.

We have all be working on our pull up form.  The second crossfit games workout was announced last night....chest to bar pull ups.
I guess we'll see if will power and the little practice I got in can equal at least one rep.

The boy was out of town the night I had minister duties at church.  It was also the night BOTH children decided to fall sound asleep during mass.  By the time I had my jobs done and Bob tucked into the car and came back in to get Emma, they had turned the lights out and were locking the doors.
Good thing I was able to sneak back in and get her and my gift bag filled with black jelly beans!

This was the first year we participated in the school science fair.   Emma got third in her grade.  Last night all the city schools displayed the projects at the S.T.E.M festival (Science Technology Engineering & Math).  She got third again!
I was most excited though, that my shy girl actually stood by her board and and explained it to anyway who passed by.  That is the real accomplishment here.

I can honestly say I'm ready for summer vacation to be here!  But first, we have a leprechaun trap to build...


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