Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Too Much Stuff

I live in a tiny house piled high with boys, potatoes, fetishes and books of science, a wedding cloth, a disintegrating map of the world, and ancient leather suitcase of memories - a growing accumulation of past crowding out our ever-narrowing future.

The Poisonwood Bible

Do you know what happens when you grow roots in an area, decide to call it home, and then add two little people to your lives?  You accumulate stuff.  Stuff in closets and bathroom drawers and under the beds that had you moved a time or two over the years, you would have been forced to consider that item's value in packing and unpacking again.  It has taken a good 12 years into our marriage, but the Husband's policy against single use items is starting to sound like the best idea I've ever heard.

I don't think I can stand another minute on the endless march of dirty to clean toy rooms and spending all day Saturday cleaning a house that is going to look just the same by Monday morning.

More and more, I find myself browsing department store shelves thinking it all is too much.   Too much stuff.  One more thing to dust, or move, or pack away in the linen closet, or find a place on a shelf to store it.

(what is consumerism really teaching our children anyway?)

So here I sit, pondering those piles of stuff, and the fact that I cannot take two steps into the kids' room without stepping on a light saber or a littlest pet shop creature, and thinking is all this necessary?  And what is to be done with these messy feelings of unrest?

what happens when you read these questions in a book, and think, Yes! Yes! Yes!

As resounding as my yes is to this clutter.  I don't think I'm ready to take Dave Bruno's 100 thing challenge.  But I can approach 2015 with a clutter-free mindset.  Whether it be give one thing away every single day or purge a room at a time, I haven't worked the details out just yet, but something is going to happen and soon.

So, how do you stay on top of the piles of stuff in your life?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Never Miss a Monday

*never miss a Monday*

One of the rules I hope to live by this year.
Don't sleep through the alarm.
Show up.
Get work done.
Be present.

One of the other things I'm working on for the year....doing the hardest things on my to-do list first, instead of the easiest ones.
Wish me luck and a little bit of bravery.

P.S. This picture has nothing to do with this post really.  I was looking for something with a coffee cup in it...you know...cause it's Monday and all.  And I ran across Bob's Disneyland annual pass picture.  I wondered why the attendants would giggle every time they scanned his card.


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