Friday, July 17, 2015

Reno 5000 series - Race 2

Who has two thumbs and got 2nd in the series race at Hidden Valley?

This girl!

I now have a third place win (from April) and a 2nd place win.  So naturally...
I have my sights set on first for the final race of the year!

If we were having coffee today - A summer update

I know, I know, it has been far too long since our last coffee date.  We should really do this more often.

I used to think that the baby stage was the most time intensive stage in being a parent.  They need you to do everything for them, there's feedings every two hours like clockwork, and mountains of tiny onesies to wash and fold again and again.  But as each year passes, the children prove me wrong.  I find myself spending most of my free time these days coordinating play dates and planning around sports and piano lessons.  It's a happy busy around here.

In other news, there is less than one month until I run my first marathon.  It would be a lie if I didn't tell you I am more than a little nervous.  Hanging my training schedule on the refrigerator door has been the best thing for me.  To be able to see where I am at and what still needs to be done.

The biggest question of all is how do you set goals for a distance you've never run before. I decided really the most important goal is to finish.  A marathon is quite the feat, you can't muddle through training and still do alright like you can for a 10K or even a half marathon.  But there still is that nagging voice in my head saying "Pick a Time Goal...."  And if I can run 15 miles in 2 hours 33 minutes, could I run another 11 miles in two hours?

In crossfit news I did get two new PRs this month.  Front Squat (150#) and Back Squat (175#).

  It feels nice to have 10 weeks of concentrated hard work pay off.  Someday I'd like to get some Olympic lifting classes in.  My form definitely needs work for the clean and snatch movements.
But the next goals on the horizon are to make it into the 100 club (100 unbroken double under jump ropes) and to get a muscle up.

While there is still plenty of sibling bickering going on at home, I am surprised by all the times I peek around the corner to see these two helping each other.  From reading to tying shoes to massive craft projects, it makes this mama's heart proud.

And just when I needed the little pick me up, this girl right here shows up by my side at 5am today, all bright eyed and full of energy to run sprints.

She was full of running form tips and encouragement that only a nine year old can give.  She doesn't know it yet, but we are going to run the Reno 5000 5k races together next year!


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