Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Emma's been motorized

Ask Emma how learning to ride her bicycle is going and she'll respond frustratedly, "I keep falling off." And why does she keep falling off? Because she can't stay off the grass. She gets one wheel off the sidewalk and over she goes.

So imagine my surprise when I hear a motor and squeals of delight coming from the backyard.

Peeking out the back window I can see Emma riding the quad all by herself.

She learned the basics, how to steer, give it gas and stop.

And of course we all know Emma's need for speed

After watching for a second I realized she was in good hands. She had three Dads hovering two steps behind in case she got silly.
And considering all things I'm still the one with the worst track record:
Mailboxes - 2
Mailboxes - 0

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