Friday, May 8, 2009

We're going on a trip....

The bags are packed, the car nearly loaded, and soon we'll be off. We are going for a short visit to see William and Erin in Elko and then make the long drive to Uncle Jacko and Aunt Daniel's house.
Things that I have learned this week:
1. We are now in the stage of Emma's life when, unless you want to be driven crazy, you shouldn't mention, tell, or otherwise discuss any trip plans with or in front of Emma. If I have to hear "Are we going to uncle Jacko's house yet?" one more time....
2. No matter how much planning you do the week leading up to departure day, you will still be up until midnight the night before packing and fretting that something is going to be forgotten.
But, I'm super excited to finally be going to visit Jacko in CO and I know the car drive will be long and hard on my patience but I have some car-only kid activities stashed under my seat, Fablehaven Dragon Santuary stashed in my bag for me, and a good book for the boy loaded onto the mp3 player.
Its time for an adventure.

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