Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We moved the crib out of the kids room a few weeks ago. It was quite a bit of work to take it apart with two helpers under foot. They were fascinated by the fact that Burrito's mattress was 'out' of his bed and thus it needed to be made into a slide. Picture one end balanced against Emma's bed and the other on the floor with mad laughter and jumping in between.

After the last panel was taken out to the garage, I looked back into the room, saw the crib's empty footprint and had the tiniest Mom moment. I actually could have been heard saying "We didn't take a picture - lets put the crib back and take one last picture"

To which the boy responded "Seriously?! You are sad about this"

I don't have a baby anymore.

So here's some entertainment for you on just how well the crib-to-toddler-bed transition is going. Don't laugh too loud.

One of the first day's nap time:

One of Burrito's you can't make me go to bed nights:

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