Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I can finally say I've been to a Reno Aces game now.

The four of us went to an Aces vs River Cats game (final score 8-11).   I'd say a good time was had by all. 

We double dated with The Boy's eldest brother and his family.

There was candy, soda, peanuts, snow cones to be consumed.

Oh...and baseball to be spectated, naturally.

We got to watch the game from the Morrey Distributing Suite.

How cool is that?!

Except now, we have been thoroughly spoiled and it will be hard to go to another game and sit in the regular seats.
You know.
The Suite had a kitchen, complete with couches, a TV, and room for the kids to run around and be goofy.
Which they were.

I was a little nervous about the balcony part, seeing as how the kids liked to hang over the edge....I think I was most nervous about the unsuspecting innocents that were seated below us.

This is the part where Burrito tries desperately to convince Uncle Matt that neon green snakes DO indeed belong at baseball games....and that snakes bite.


Maybe we'll make it to a few more games in the future.  I bet the games will be just as good from the cheap seats.

(And I like my dogs with mustard and relish) 

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