Friday, July 16, 2010

Chats through the Rearview Mirror Vol II

Setting: Driving to daycare, Jason Aldean Big Green Tractor, Blaring on the radio:
Em: Mom, I want to be the back up singer for this guy.

Me: Okay, you better start memorizing the lyrics then.  And you need to sing louder.

Em: And maybe sometimes, he could be my back up singer and I could just sing it.  Its good to share sometimes.
Setting: Driving home from lunch on the birthday day:
Em: Mom, next time we go to Subway for lunch can I bring my backpack?

Me: Sure, but what will you put in it?

Em: I think I'll bring some books.  You were kind of boring at lunch.  If I had a book, I'd have something to do.

Me: Thanks, Em.  Love you back....
Setting: Driving home from daycare the other day:
Em: Mama, I'm feeling a little sad.

Me: What's wrong baby girl?

Em: I'm sad because Daddy loves his chickens more than me.

Me: MmmmHmmm.....welcome to my club sister. (cough)  I mean, of course he loves you more than his chickens.  Remember how he ate that chicken last year because it was crowing so loud.....He'd never eat you.  That's love right there.

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  1. Ah, the love. It is overwhelming ;)



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