Saturday, June 11, 2011

chinese tradition

So...I was reading this book recently and it starts out at a Chinese funeral.  In it there was basket with white envelopes that contained a hard piece of candy and a nickel.  The candy was meant to be eaten during the funeral service as a symbolic way to sweeten the sadness of the day and the nickel was meant to buy another sweet on your way home.

I found myself thinking that that was a pretty nice tradition.  I'm not chinese, but I hope someone does that for me someday.  And then I found myself thinking, what candy would remind people of me most and put a little smile on their face when they eat it?  Peppermints?  Butterscotch or cinnamon discs? Teriyaki beef jerky.....mmmmmm jerky.

Candies that remind me of my loved ones (both here and gone):
Canada Mints - My Mother
Black licorice - My Daddy
Butter mints - My Sister
Chewy Sweet Tarts - My Husband
Peppermint Discs - Harold Rogers (the best cute old man I ever got to sit with at church)
Nips - Grandpa Jerry

If you could be remembered in candy what would you be?

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