Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A mini vacation

Also on the agenda (besides running) while we were visiting California:

The Ocean - Check
Due to some random and remote natural disaster we couldn't go swimming in the ocean because of the crazy waves and shark sightings.  The kids had a good time splashing around and trying to jump over the waves as they rolled in.  We even found some pretty cool sea shells.

Survive the long car ride - Check
This year I let the kids pack their own car entertainment.  The girlchild's back pack was completely full of easy reader books.  Burrito brought his periscope to....ummm....spy....on things???  Who knows.  We also loaded up the ipod with a ridiculous amount of disney kid songs.  I would have to say that this was the most pleasant trip yet.  Not too much whining, no throwing up (always a bonus), the kids pretty much entertained themselves.
Hang out with Patches - Check
Everyone's favorite Aunt Jani is down to just one tortoise at her house.  It's a highlight of the trip to feed him small children's fingers bananas and sit outside and enjoy life at a tortoise's pace.

Medieval Times - Check
I marched my children right up to the front gates of Disneyland and didn't let them go in.  I'm working on my award for wicked-est mother of the year...I'll let you know how it turns out.  Why?  Because this family only goes to Disneyland on even numbered years.  We can't be breaking with traditions here.  As a conciliation prize we checked out Medieval Times instead.  My kids were sold on it the second I said they were going to have to eat with their hands because there were no forks in the medieval times don't you know.  Burrito was so fascinated with the show that he didn't eat a bite of his $40 dinner.  Which ordinarily would have earned him a night in the stocks but we let him slide this one time on account of his absolute adorability. 

And now...I must get back to trying to find a yellow knight costume for the kid for Halloween.  Maybe this wasn't such a bright idea after all...

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