Monday, December 19, 2011


This post could also be titled "Ugh! When trilogies turn into four books"

The last of The Inheritance Cycle, written by Christopher Paolini, is finally out.  It's been a long wait.  And you might have heard about how I feel about waiting...waiting gets my goat.  Seriously.

Write faster dang-it!!

I would much rather pick up a series at the end so that I can blow through them without stopping.  Unless it is something like Flavia De Luce.  Now there's a girl I love to wait for.  Each book is a stand alone entity.  Not like Brisingr which ends practically mid-battle.  Are you kidding me??  The books are great reads I just prefer they were more complete by themselves.

Eragon, the first book, was originally published in 2002.  Brisingr, the was-going-to-be-the-last-but-now-it's-not book, was published in 2008. 

And let's not even get started about the movie.  But the husband has a good point.  Now that the set is finished maybe someone will remake the first movie and do the rest up properly.  They have great potential.

What is it about you ask?  The short version is that they are quite like Lord of the Rings but with dragons added in.  So much so that while watching Return of the King last weekend I kept mixing up my character names between the two. 

Things in common:
vaults of souls needed to aid in the fighting
power being corrupt and needing to be destroyed before it can be restored
Men folk falling in love with elves
epic battles
creepy looking, evil bird creatures

You know...the usual. 

I ended up with a few unanswered questions that led me back to wikipedia when I finished reading.  While there, I realized that I should have done a refresher before I read Inheritance because there were a lot of side plots I had kind of forgotten about during all this waiting around I was forced to do. 

A word of advice:  Consider the audio version for this series, it's chalk full of funky spelled words and strange pronunciations.  You won't be sorry you did.

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