Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last Year's Christmas Knitted projects

Project 1
I didn't notice I had a little person mocking me til AFTER I was done taking pictures.**

My best friend requested long fingerless gloves.  I couldn't find an exact pattern so I winged it and made up my own.  No you can't have it.   And that's because I'm saving it. It's all part of my becoming filthy rich plan. 

Okay....that's a lie.  The truth is that I am horrible at writing things down.  And so I um...don't have it :)

After trying them on I think Timbra might be onto something here.  Now I want long fingerless gloves.

** Please pay no attention to the messiness of my room....Hello, it was Christmas.  And I had a houseful of peeps to love on and mother hen for.

Project 2

Despite several attempts of begging and pleading, my Sister-in-Law still refuses to join our book club.  But I saw this bookmark and had to make it for her.  Now whenever she wants, she can give reading interrupters the finger.  Despite her unwillingness to participate in our club, she devours books at a very similar rate to me.  And so I forgive her for calling me dorky and we often find ourselves on her back porch around the fire pit discussing books and trading favorites. 

As cute as this bookmark is, I am holding out for one in the shape of dead rat.  Seriously.

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