Tuesday, May 8, 2012

But I was having so much fun

Emma: Mom, you know that door in me mere's (grandma's) hall.  The one next to the door to my room.  The one with the big lock on the the handle.

Me: Yes

Emma: What's behind that door

Me:  That's where me mere keeps her skeletons.

Emma: Oh, cool.  That's where she keeps her Halloween decorations and her costumes.

Me:  No, skeletons.  Actual skeletons.

Bob: Gross!  Me mere keeps dead bodies in there??

Me:  No silly.  Skeletons are just bones.

Bob: I bet me mere glued eyeballs onto the skeletons!

Emma:  I bet me mere has dog bones in there!

Me: She probably does.

Emma: ......I'm going to ask me mere about this.

(The Truth:  It's the door to the furnace.  It's had a kiddie lock on it for as long as I can remember)

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