Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's hard to let them grow up sometimes

Originally, I had signed only Emma up for the Reno Rock n River kid run. 
The website was short on information and only listed the kid run as free, must pre-register, and 1 mile.

Now, in case you weren't aware, the boychild....he has very short legs. 
And I was sure he wouldn't make it a mile.
But then he demanded that he get his own exercise clothes.
And I didn't want him complaining to his therapist in 20 years that he was the neglected, didn't get to do anything child.
So, at the last minute, I signed him up too.

As this was only our second ever kid race I wasn't really sure what to expect.
It was chaos.
I left two kids and one husband at the start line and went to find  a place that I could properly spectate from.

Then the husband is there standing in front of me asking if I have the boy.
No he was with you.
And now he's not.
And then I was in full mom panic mode.
It was me at 4 years old, lost at the San Diego Zoo, all over again.  Only this time I was the mother and not the MIA child.

And then I found him.  He had found a warm, sunny park bench to sit on possibly scoping out a new family to attach himself to.
Then, the obligatory hug
and you scared the crap out of me
and don't you ever do that again!

I ran half a mile and all I got was a gift certificate for a gold fish.

(Actually, they both were pretty stoked about that)

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  1. Better micro-chip that boy if he's going to wander and get lost. Poor Mama!



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