Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Day

I’ve spent the last 7 days trying to get the kids to tell me what I’m getting for Mother’s Day.

All I know is that Emma’s gift is out in the big shed and it involves yellow paint (bc she had it all in her hair). And Bob is going to buy me my own Mr Kitty Nibbles so I quit stealing his. Little does he know that no matter how many he buys me (He got me one for Christmas already) I’ll always steal his because it’s so more fun that way.

I considered using this post to tell you how great my mama is and how I still have so very much to learn from her. Things like how to make chicken liver for dinner and how to do the mending. Even my sister who lives 2,000 miles away, still mails her horse blankets home when they need patching up.  Some would call that enabling, I call it love.

Some days I feel a lot like the author of this post.  This Mother's day I'm going to pretend that there is not a small (and by small I mean rather large) Littlest Pet Shop village set up in the entry way.  With no plans on being cleaned up anytime this week.  I'm going to let the kids eat oreos and cheetos for lunch. I'm going to put on a smile and pull burrito into bed with me at 5:30 am when he comes to bring me my present, and be thankful the Boy made extra coffee this morning.

Edited: The kids took me out to breakfast (picture above), Mr Panda Knibbles is bonding with Mr Kitty Knibbles today.  Emma made me a jewelry box at boys and girls club.  And the Boy got me a necklace.  Overall, a pretty good day :)
We spent the afternoon at Grandma's house in our swim suits, running through the sprinklers (the little ones) and weeding the flower beds (the rest of us). 

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