Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Haunting Good Time

2008 Halloween in Review.

Just so you know - I realize that I have failed Bobby in his first ever Halloween, I have no excuse. But I did let him come trick or treating with us even though he didn't get to partake in any of the candy. Next year little buddy, next year.

We carved pumpkins Wednesday night with Nicole. Emma thoroughly enjoyed it even though she wasn't allowed to have a turn with the knife.

I had planned on dressing Emma up in exactly the same costume as last year. A ladybug. I can heard the collective groans now "How could you/don't even think about it" And my only comment to that is that Emma should start growing then so that the outfit wouldnt' STILL fit her and so that I wouldn't be tempted to put her in the same thing. But then I remembered that she has a really cute Raiderette Cheerleader outfit her Uncle Roc got her for Christmas last year. She hasn't worn it yet because....see sentence above....she hasn't been growing. So, costume problem solved.
After some minor role playing with Dad on how to knock on doors and say trick-or-treat we were ready. Originally Emma and Aubrey were going to go trick or treating all by themselves (and Clint of course) but once the other Woolseys heard we were going they wanted to come too.

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  1. I always wore costumes for 2 or 3 years in a row. Nothing wrong with that!!! hehe... You need to make the pictures bigger.



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