Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The way to heaven is down the toilet

If you could be a fly on the wall - you would think...."What is this craziness this girl is teaching her children?"

I think most would agree that the finality of death and what happens next is hard thing to explain to a small child. And, it would seem, that this has been a popular discussion in our house of late.

It started with the anniversary of Pop's birthday. On his birthday day, We said a special prayer to remember Pop and asked him to still look after our family and Emma and Bobby. Since they never got to meet him I wanted to make sure they still hear his name and hear stories about him.

Em: "But where is Grandpa Bob?"

Me: "He passed away and now his ashes are in a box at Grandma's house"

Em: "Can we go see him?"

Me: "Of course"

can you see where this is going.....

( Grandma's house)

Em: "Where's Grandpa Bob in the box?"

Will: "Here"

Em: "Let's let him out"

Since then we have had many nights where Em has requested special prayers for just about everything that's going to die. Let's say a prayer for Beatrix cause she's going to die, Let's say a prayer for Shasta cause she's going to die....

In the simplest way possible I tried to explain to her that yes, everything does die eventually, but for most, we will long and happy lives first. I also had to explain that we don't come back after we die (something Em was sure of) but that we go to Heaven.

So last night, the 2nd and last of Em's goldfish died. Em watched as Will scooped him out of the fish tank, verified that yes it was true the fish was not alive anymore, and flushed the fish down the toilet.

Em: "Poor Blackie, he died. Did he go to heaven?"

Me: "Yes he did."

Em: "Heaven is down the toilet. When you get there, you will all be sheep - because Jesus is the shepherd"

Me: " Em.....Let me tell you what a metaphor is"


  1. I have a book for you to borrow on this's amazing.



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