Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are people just getting lazy or what????

You know what I was pondering as we trekked back up our driveway after a few hours of trick-or-treating?
I think people are getting lazy.
no really
or else its the economy
but that gets blamed for everything these days
Or else people just don't care as much about Halloween as they used to.

We walked the mile-ish block that makes up our sub-division. There were jack-o-lanterns, there were a few cute purple and orange colored giant spiders, and that's about it. Sad. Where were the scare-the-living-daylights-out-of-you-we-better-not-take-the-kids-to-that-house decorations? Seriously people.
I have expectations you know!

I have some pretty good childhood memories of shrieking in fright and clinging to a sibling as some Bogey-man of sorts jumped from behind the bushes or grabbed your hand as you reached into the candy bowl.

Now admittedly, we woozies were quite the slackers. I would like to blame it on The Boy's plethora of business trips and general lack of being around the house this month.

I guess we are going to have to step it up a notch too next year. I'm up for the challenge.

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