Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Monday was a Snow Day - Yippee!!!!

But UNR didn't get their act together until after my children were on their way to daycare. So...I got to stay home by myself, but I was kind of sad about it.

There's nothing more enjoyable than watching your children play in the year's first big snowfall. And with mine being so young, they still are quite intrigued with snow.
I did get a ton of things done though, that I would not have been able to do with them home.
I shoveled the driveway, twice
I did six loads of laundry (yes I am that far behind)
I did two loads of dishes
I made turkey soup
I cleaned the snow out of the chickens shelter and made sure they were surviving
I caught up on some DVR programs
I wrapped presents
I sorted toys for good-will
So it was productive. But I did find myself standing at the front window watching all the children sled down our street and wish my family was all out there participating in the fun.

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