Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Gold Star for Me!

I had a Parenting shining moment this week.
True fact.
And now I am sharing with you. So that you can ooohh and aaaahh accordingly.

Em and I had a disagreement about something. I can't at the moment remember what it was. But anyhoo...that's not the important part.

She got really angry at me. Really Mad. Foot Stomping, Raised Voice, Daggers in her Eyes, MAD. She yelled at me, turned on her heels, and stomped off down the hall.

As she stalked away I was thinking to myself - Oh my, am I going to be in trouble when we hit the teenage years or what?!
But then, do you know what happened?

She came back, put her arm around my neck, and said "I'm sorry mama, I shouldn't have talked to you that way even if I was mad"

Holy smokes! An apology, with compassion and remorse.

There is hope for raising a caring, compassionate kid after all. Now fashion sense....that's a whole different story.


  1. love the fashion sense!! what an individual!

  2. Ahhh kids in goggles. It seems to make so much sense to them doesn't it? I am always blown away by kids ability to see through their emotions and course correct on their own. If they can do it how come we can't? Ahh little kids you are so wise! Love it.



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