Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

I've been picking books to read out of the Parenting magazines recommended reading section lately.  Most of them I have thoroughly enjoyed.  This one (Home Safe) I had a hard time getting into but by the end I was loving it.

Home Safe is about author and recent widow, Helen, who is struggling to come to terms with her writer's block as well as the sudden loss of her husband.  She also comes to find out that a significant portion of their nest egg has been used to build a custom, dream retirement home meant for the two of them.

I think, at first, I had a hard time relating to Helen because of the age gap between myself and her character.  It's hard to sympathize with someone who is not also caught up in diapers, working full time, and trying to figure out how date night is going to happen in the near future.
Then, I had an epiphany.  Sort of.  This is the non-Pixar, girl version of UP.  It's the coming to terms with what to do with all the dreams you were saving up to do someday with your spouse when that's not an option anymore.  And then I liked it!

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