Monday, August 16, 2010


This weekend we went scouting for the perfect place to camp.  A place that our little family of four will be able to swim, fish (Bobby for the first time ever), roast marshmallows, go on day hikes, get good and dirty, and take a break from life.
Look at all the trees!

We checked out Echo Lake....

Grandpa Bob stood right here...once upon a time

AND Mitch fell off that telephone pole right into the water.  These are things we all remember...hilarious.

We checked out Silver Lake.....

Sandwiches on the shore of Silver Lake

The water was pretty cold in the shade but the kids did swim for a little bit.

We checked out Caribou Lake.....

The perfect jumping off rock

This spot I distinctly remember from the last time we camped here.  Way back before marriages and babies and camp trailers.  We fished a lot.  Jacko, Daniel, and Cletus came to visit us.  We slept in tents.  We cooked all our meals on the campfire in dutch ovens. 

Can't. Hardly. Wait.

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