Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

The push this year is for accountable goals instead of vague resolutions. 
And my push is for a short and achievable list.

Here it goes:

1. Run again.

I feel like this one needs to be vague, but I'll try to make it as specific as possible.  I want to run again.  The doctor said that between 4 and 6 months I could start trying to jog short distances.  I AM registered for the 2013 Reno Tahoe Odyssey again (it's at the end of May).  So I guess that's the ultimate time goal.  I'm hoping to be able to run a 10K distance by the rock n river weekend (early May).  I think this might just be the opportunity I was looking for to get Emma to be my running buddy.  I will have to do lots of run/walking in the beginning and she could keep pace with me if she wanted to.

2. Be a more consistent FIT class student.

At least twice a week, every week.

3. Reclaim Sundays as lazy, stay home days.

I'm sure laundry will still happen but I intend to spend more time with those I love most whether it be movies, board games, or going on adventures outside somewhere together.

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