Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scenes from Last Week

Last week I was both sick. sick. sick. and away at a work conference.  Two things that go so very nicely together.  Okay, they don't.  But I survived.

Here are the good highlights....as opposed to the nerdy-work related ones.

Drinking Minnesota beer and visiting with the Germans....it doesn't happen every day

Bob (that's the guy in red) won the lumberjack contest.  And we love all people named Bob around here.

Someone told me there was a giant spoon with a cherry on it at the park behind our hotel.  But all I could find was this dandelion....

The gift I got my mom from the vendor show.  You know, to remember the time she really had MRSA.
Just in case she forgot.

I remember now why we avoid the carnival at all costs. 
But the kids had a good time.

The boy got a jeep for Father's Day. 
I think Emmers and Bob are going for best kids ever award or something.

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