Friday, October 1, 2010

Adventures of one kind or another

Did you hear?

I'm up for best sister ever award!!

The only one who could beat me is my sister, IF she actually takes my children all summer like I've been hinting for her to volunteer for.  I have had far too little wacko-jacko time in my life lately so I volunteered to help her move these two beauties 1,000 miles to their new home.  (And I freely admit here that I use HELP very that I mostly just fed Jacko Starbursts, diet pepsi, and made sure she didn't fall asleep whilst driving)

Princeton and Tux

It took us two days of what could possibly be the flattest, most, redundant scenery of driving in the whole U. S. of A.  And I was thoroughly disappointed that we saw not one creature that really could be called wildlife on the drive.  A bazillion cows.  I need some mountains in my life, and antelope or deer or elk or something.

The place we stopped to rest on the first day was under tornado warning.  That was all new territory for us westerners.  Lightning, rain, wind, blaringly loud storm radios.  The owner of the stable was so worried for us she met us at the gate and helped put the horses away so we could take shelter quickly.  We spent the night in the neatest little cottage.  It was bigger than the duplex that was my first "home". 

The Cowboy Suite
There were two rooms in the cottage, but being the sistermates that we are we snuggled up together in one bed.  I giggled to myself on the way out the door in the morning.  They knew two girls were here last night, but only one bed is slept in.....what will the neighbors think??

Before we left, we took a self guided tour through the barn.  Jacko is green with barn envy.
Barn Envy

In the end we survived and made it to the new casa.  (And for the record I drove for approximately 30 minutes of the two-day road trip and had to use the horse whip one time).  Apparently in Illinois they do not label rural roads nor post speed limit good luck trying to go visit Jacko.

The barn where Princeton and Tux will be staying has the cutest guard dog miniature pony named Dav-E'. He has free reign of the property, followed us around like a puppy, and gave Tux a dominance run for his hooves.  I hope someday I can get my kiddos out there to ride him.

the end

p.s.  Sorry I said your head was too small for your body Tux.  But I kind of, sort of still mean it.  Please don't hold that against me next time I try to ride you.

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  1. How sweet of you to help. Thanks for taking us along.



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