Monday, October 18, 2010

Who's Kid is that Anyway?!?!

Ummm....that would be Burrito, drinking out of a stranger's drink!!!!

Except he's not really a stranger.  Sort of.  That's big Al.  And just a few minutes prior to that he was doing this:
Slicing up apples and sticking them on people's thumbs then proceeding to cover them in sticky, deliciousness.  And once you've shared something like that....what's a little apple cider between friends. 

The Apple Hill Gang.  Or at least the one's who got their faces painted.  Minus Burrito.  He was off drinking other people's drinks.

p.s.  We did visit other places at Apple Hill besides this one, but Denver Dan's is still our favorite!!  Its not anyplace that you can share some home grown cider with Big Al.

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