Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Any given Saturday (aka the knitting projects)

The Yodas
My first ever crochet projects were these Yodas.  They definitely have some mistakes but I am proud of them!  Pattern is from here.

And the Christmas stocking project is finally complete.  They took me soooo long - its a good thing I started them in March.  Its the same pattern but one I knitted on straight needles and the other I did on circulars.  I still haven't figured out how to do heels properly (or the name embroidery).  I don't think sock knitting will be in my future.  I also tried to do the bobbin thing on the Boy's so I didn't have to carry the green all the way around, but his tree turned out rough looking.  Maybe I will add some ornaments to cover it up.  BUT, it is a lot bigger than the current stocking which was the goal.  Now I can load it up with all kinds of goodies.  And mine is finally big enough to fit a small puppy or a kitten inside.

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