Thursday, October 20, 2011

10K at the Lake

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks without a post.  It's been busy in my neck of the woods.  There's been races and fall vacations and plans for fabulous Halloween costumes.....I hope.  How does one dress a 5 year old up as Gollum anyway??? 

Last year I ran the Tahoe 5K.   It was my first official race since hanging up my high school running shoes and shorty shorts.  You can catch up here if you missed it (the race not the shorty shorts...those are not an option any more).   This year, I signed up for the 10K.  Well...technically I signed up for the 5K but the boy encouraged me to be brave and run the 10K instead, so I did.  He's up for coach of the year award. 

Can't you just see Meg Ryan on her City of Angels bicycle here

The course starts at Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe and runs down to Pope Beach.  A scenic trip through the trees and along the beach.  The only goal I had was to finish the 6.2 miles in under 60 minutes.  Last year my time didn't get recorded.  I was pretty sure I had placed in my age group so after waiting around for the awards ceremony and not getting to stand up on the little podium I was a little disappointed.  Turns out they lost my tag number.  I would have gotten third.   This year, I decided it didn't matter so much.  I was going to go out there and have fun and try to make my time goal.  If I hadn't been wearing my garmin watch I think I might not have made it.  The real time pace tracker is a great motivator, I'm pretty much in love with it.

The boy ran too! Holy surprise batman!
Final time: 58 minutes.  Yay!  The boy finished in 1 hr 04 minutes.  I'm so proud of him.  6 miles with no real training at all.  Afterward we met up with some friends for brunch and frozen hot chocolate...delicious!

A few days after the race they posted the official times.  What do you know, I got second in my age group.  Dang!  I didn't hang around for the awards ceremony this year because I thought there was no way I was up for an award.  Who knew?! 

You know what this means?  Next year, I need a little first place medal.  But will I run the 10K or go for the half marathon.....decisions, decisions.

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