Monday, October 24, 2011

Triple Dog Dare Don't

Whilst hiking amongst the ancient cedars I happened upon a bright orange mushroom. 

So naturally I tried my very hardest to talk the boy into eat it. 
 He said no. 
I called him a chicken. 
He said no.
 I triple dog dared him (I was led to believe from A Christmas Story that triple dog dares always work).
He said no.

I wouldn't have really let him eat it of course, but it was curiously, bright orange.  And it made me wonder what would happen if you did.  But then it'd probably taste like a mushroom and I wouldn't really like it anyway.  As I am not really a fungus eater.

If I had been more prepared for the cold or the rainy day I might have stayed out in the cedar forest all day. It was absolutely beautiful.

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