Sunday, August 5, 2012

A hidden Nevada Gem

A post about working on some check marks on my new year's resolution list.  One of them was to visit the Ichthyosaur State Park in Berlin, NV.

We gathered as many Newmans as possible and headed out for the weekend.  The museum is small and the tour is short.  So if you aren't already a Nevada desert junkie then you might want to plan some other activities to make the trip seem worthwhile.  You could tour the Diane Mine since you're already there.  It's a 45 minute tour into the mine complete with hard hats and flashlights.
There's also quite a few geocaches in the area if you are into that sort of thing.  We hit up 4 between Middlegate Station and Ione.

Auntie and Bob, bonding in the back seat

My idea of nice scenery.  No wonder I feel claustrophobic in California.

Grandpa Hal and Bob, two of my favorite old men in life

Bob got dressed himself.  I love that kid.
to scale mural of an ichthyosaur

After the museum tour we headed out to look for fossils

You should put the museum on your bucket list.  It's a little known fact that this desert of ours houses the bones of the some of the largest sea dinosaurs ever known.

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