Friday, August 31, 2012

Winner Winner

So I may or may not have talked the little people into letting me get one of the giant stuffed animal prizes from the fun center with all of their ticket winnings.

To be fair I did earn more than half the tickets myself.  The kids weren't really getting the games.  That's because I'm such a good parent and have them doing wholesome, brain stimulating activities at home all the time and so they don't know what a video game is.....yeah, or something like that.

The girlchild was more than happy to spend her time riding the Ferris wheel while I worked on my amassing copious quantities of tickets.

Grumpy bear had me at first glance with his Zorro mask and cape.
He's so handsome and fits nicely on my bed next to Eeyore.  The other melancholy, rainy cloud love of my life.

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