Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Fish in a Big Sea

The Girlchild started first grade Monday.  We are planning on taking a picture together for every first day.  It will be fun to see how she grows and changes.  Assuming I don't forget the tradition by grade 4.  Let us not even talk about the baby book's completion status.  Also keeping with tradition, there were first day of school gifts.  I'm fairly sure that my mother was so ridiculously excited to be sending her 5 children off to school after a torturously long summer of having us underfoot, that first day of school presents were really party favors for herself.
Well played mother.  Well played.
I don't have the luxury of being driven crazy by summer vacation but still.
Folders and candy and new travel neck pillows for everyone!
Except Burrito. 
He doesn't start school for 2 his prize is still hidden in my closet.

This is the girlchild's first experience at a school with more that a handful of kids.
I was a bit worried.
Kind of like this mama.
But, there have been reports of touring the library and meeting the music teacher and making new friends on the playground.
It's easy to see that there is plenty of room to grow for my tiny fish.

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