Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple hill 2012

This was the only picture I snapped from this year's apple hill trip.

That would be my daughter, wearing her school shirt on a Sunday.  Why? 
"Because I'm proud of my school mom!"
This cannot really be my kid.
I got a new spoon key chain with my initial on it - my sister will be jealous.

There were caramel apples to be eaten - I didn't have it in my sore, broken knee to walk back to the cute old man in the corner of Denver Dan's and get an apple on my thumb....there's always next year I suppose.

There were hand dipped corn dogs at Jack Russell Brewery - they were every bit as tasty as I wanted them to be.

And there are 3 homemade pies chillin' in the freezer now, just waiting for an occasion.

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