Friday, December 14, 2012

6 weeks post surgery

An abyss cannot be crossed in two steps.
~cloud atlas

Oh, but if only it could.

Last night I had that dream again.  Or better named, the nightmare.  The crashing down and the flash of white and the horrific pain in my knee.  It's been a while since I have relived that moment.  After waking with a start and falling back asleep I dreamed I was running a race barefoot through the grass and the girl in front of me was dressed in a tutu and my knee wasn't hurting me.  That would be a nice reality.

Yesterday marks 6 weeks since the ACL reconstruction (and meniscal repairs).  I can get to 110 degrees flexion with some effort, but I can get there.  I have been okayed to bend my knee when walking in the brace now, and sleep without it, and start moving around more.  I still need to go to PT twice a week for a while.  And I'm going to go check in with my favorite FIT instructor next week to talk rehab.

Everything I've read online says at the 4 month mark you can start jogging again.  But I ran into a girl in the hallway today who said she wishes she would have waited longer.  Funny the conversations you attract with a bulky, full leg brace as your fashion accessory.  She took one look at me and asked ACL repair?

I guess I'll take the wait and see approach.  June seems so far away and yet too close all at the same time.  I was really, really hoping that I'd be able to run in the Reno Tahoe Odyssey again in 2013.

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