Sunday, December 2, 2012

One month review

Honestly, I thought I'd be moving around more by now. The joint and knee itself are still tender and swollen. I'm pretty mobile on my crutches, but it's tiring and I find myself needing to sit with my knee up and iced a lot.  And I catch myself pondering things like how do I know that everything is healing like it should be on the inside? And can't I take a bath yet without having to prop my leg up over the side?

The newest, random fact I learned is that the quad muscle usually keeps the knee cap in it's little groove.  And since my quad muscle is weak and not firing properly it makes my knee cap click across the joint when I bend it for cycling or hamstring curls.  At first it freaked me out.  But physical therapy Ross showed me how to push it back into place.

my dragonfly shaped staple scar

I have seen my future and it scares me a little.  At some point I will have to do the balance board.  I was terribly uncoordinated at the balance board before I had my knee injury, so this should be interesting.  And the girl in this picture, is holding the ball against the wall with her hip and squatting with her repaired leg.  She had pretty much the exact surgery I had in March.  I hope that I am still not at PT 7 months later!  And the man on the slant board, he just had his ACL repaired (no torn meniscus) two weeks ago.  So jealous! 

Two more weeks and I head back to the doctor to see about getting a little range of motion with my leg brace on.

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