Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Book Report: Marley & Me

I saw the movie previews. They didn't rate too high on my to watch radar. And the book certainly wasn't on my to read list. But Jacko recommended it more than once and Will checked it out from the library so I read it. The warning I got from Jacko was that it was a little bit sad. Oh great I thought to myself. I'm going to need my kleenex box for this one. The book chronicles the life of a couple as they welcome an energetic, yellow lab puppy into their lives. It is filled with the almost always comical mischief that a puppy is capable of and the changes their owners must accept in their own lives. And yes, I got to the end and it was a little bit sad. But it also made me think. Isn't every great "good dog" book a little bit sad? Think Old Yeller or Where the Red Fern Grows. When you compare Marley & Me to that, I think this book is quite tame.
All in all, I enjoyed the book. The movie still isn't very high on my to see list. And if I ever start thinking I want a yellow lab puppy, I'll read this book again.

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