Monday, March 30, 2009

What's Wrong with this picture? (Or why you should respect the laws of Karma)

After you stop laughing, I'll tell you the story..........

The other night I was trying my best to be SUPER MOM. Will was at baseball so the feeding, bathing, bedding of two wild animals fell to myself. I thought I was doing pretty well. I usually let Bobby and Emma play together for a little bit, then I take Bobby out and let Emma play for a few minutes by herself while I get Bob's pjs on.

So.. I may or may not have already been grumbling about how I can't believe that Will never makes Emma put the bath toys back in the bin before she gets out of the bath.

And.. I may or may not have stopped long enough on my way back to the tub, after drying Bobby off and getting him dressed for bed, to get Emma out of the tub to look at the tv and declare "Holy - bad haircut, cheezy suit combo - Batman" to one of the Jeopardy contestants that night.
And in the instant that it took me to utter those words I was aware of a blue blur streaking back into the bathroom. And in the time it took me to walk the few steps from the hallway to said bathroom....the damage had been done.

So I laughed, ran and got the camera, took a few pictures.

And Emma in her infinite wisdom (still in the tub playing at this point) looks at Bobby, then looks at me, and says "Mom, I think Bobby's going to need some new pajamas."


  1. Haha! That is soo cute! I bet those pjs were fun getting off!



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