Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Little Joys

After thoroughly enjoying the list of life's little joys here, I thought I'd start my own list and add to it as they come to me.

A few of my favorite things

* old fashioned pipe smoke * newborn chihuahua puppies * crunchy peeps * coffee * Farm District in the Fall * a sleeping baby * cloud gazing * just cut alfalfa * July thunderstorm * eating watermelon on the back porch * swinging * popsicles * hot apple pie * roasting marshmallows over the campfire * cool, crisp mornings * milkweed sailboats * canteloupe ice cream * playing cribbage * waking up early * staying up late * Dr. Mario * Disneyland * star gazing * Levis * riding bareback * flame kissed ribs * a good book * sand between my toes * A cup of Christmas Tea * hot baths * August meteor showers * black licorice *


  1. Aww! What a sweet post! I love some of those things too! Cantelope ice cream I could do without tho! Silly!

  2. ummm so this is awkward..I haven't found my name in your list of favorite;)



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