Friday, March 4, 2011

My own personal coach

I can't tell if Shasta is cheering me on or mocking me.

I must say that staring into these reflective eyes is starting to freak me out.  And more than once the cat has tried to walk across the top of the treadmill, lost her footing, and got tangled up in my feet as I ran.


That shelf was NOT built just for Shasta.  It was special requested for a little fan to keep me cool and to hold my amazing 3rd place running trophy from Lake Tahoe last year.

I am trying out a new training schedule this year.  It has me running three times a week.  I'm hoping to get a consistent number of weekly miles under my belt and speed up my pace a little.

I've got a couple of good, organized runs in my future that I'm pretty excited about.

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