Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Veronika Decides to Die

For a time in my life I stood looking at the wind, I forgot to sow, I did not live joyfully, I did not even drink the wine offered me.  But one day, I judged myself ready, and I went back to work. 

~Paulo Coelho - Veronika Decides to Die

In this Coelho novel, Veronika, a young woman decides to commit suicide by overdosing on pills.  She has it all planned out down to the minute.    But then, she wakes up in the hospital ward of a mental hospital.  She learns that the pills have severely weakened her heart muscle and she has at most 5 days to live.  The novel chronicles those 5 days and how life looks so much different to Veronika now that she is sentenced to die instead of choosing it.

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