Monday, May 17, 2010

90 minutes in Heaven

I'm feeling a little bit itchy.
The problem is, it seems to be an unearthly, supernatural itch.
How does one go about scratching that?
I mean, really?
It started I think because Rachel, my most very favorite hair girl ever, has been working at a new shop in Reno.  And that new shop shares a parking lot with a psychic.  More than once, I've caught myself sneaking peeks out the salon window at that psychic's front door. 
Do people really go in there?
Wouldn't it be fun to just walk in, plop myself down on the chair and bare my palms to the world for reading?
But, I'm a chicken.
And what would that cost?
And what I secretly would be wanting to know is how does one become a psychic?  Maybe that is the one thing that I'd be a natural at?  Seeing as how I haven't quite figured that out yet. Oh - and I'd want to know the story of my life, naturally.

So, what's a girl to do?  Start some homework.  Not psychic homework per se but maybe a little supernatural studying.
I've seen every episode of Dead Like Me.
You haven't (gasp), better queue those up on Netflix.  You will enjoy them, I promise.
I thoroughly enjoyed The Five People You Meet in Heaven and One More Day (both by Mitch Albom), although neither of those are real life.
I am fascinated by Akaine Kramarik and her artwork and Stephanie Nielson who was in a plane crash and given a choice on living or passing on.
And did you know that I have a cousin who drowned when she was 4 but is alive today?

I just finished 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper.  It is the true story of Don Piper who was in a car accident and was declared dead by the EMTs at the scene.  Since other people were also injured on scene and legally his body couldn't be moved until the coroner came and declared him dead,  he was left unattended by medical personnel at the scene of the accident.  A minister who happened to be stuck in the traffic backed up by the accident asked if he could sit with the man even though he was dead and pray over him.  As he did, Don came back to life.  The book details the physical and emotional trauma that accompanied his return to life and his recovery.  Among other injuries, Don lost 4 inches of the femur bone, which is arguably one of the strongest bones in the human body.  Lost, as in a big chunk was missing, not to be found anywhere at the scene of the accident.  Most of the book details the process of how the doctors grew the bone back, but also how the accident changed his life.  It is proof that things happen for a reason, even the bad things in life.

I guess when I picked this book I thought it would more about those 90 minutes in heaven and less about the time after he came back to life here on Earth.  It was a good read, slow in places, but good.

But, I'm still a little bit itchy.

Any suggestions?

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