Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Fear

This is my No Fear Child

Perhaps that is why she's already got two broken arms under her belt.  Last weekend, we spent some time with the SoCal Woolseys which also included some motorcycle racing.

That's Ben and Evan competing in the same heat (or whatever they call individual races these days).  Emma was uncontrollably excited from the second we got to the races.  She was sad she didn't get an arm band bracelet (because she was free, and lets face it....she's stick skinny, it would have never fit her).  She absolutely HAD to sit in the bleachers and watch every race even if no one we knew was competing in it.  She waved.  She cried when we walked down to the pits because she was missing the race.  She genuinely asked how is it that motorcycles fly when they get to the top of the hill. 

She asked her daddy for a pink motorcycle.

She took notes while Ben prepped his bike:
She spent the afternoon hanging out with Ben in his room and when she'd soaked up enough cousin time, she re-emerged with a special request.

Posters, with pretty girls in swim suits, perched upon motorcyles for her own room.  Preferably Blondes.

I kid you not.
I don't think Burrito would object to that either.

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