Thursday, May 27, 2010

Setting the Record Straight

A certain someone in our house is going to be four years old in the not so distant future.  We are working on chores.  Not consistently mind you, but if she asks to help me clean, I will quick as lightning be back with a brand new sock, Pledge, and a glass of ice cold something (for me of course).

See that cubby on the left?  That's for firewood.  It's empty since we are trying to encourage Mother Nature to bring on Summertime.  Which, I am sad to say, isn't working very well.

And then, this happened:

Em discovered the wood box on her latest rounds of dusting the mantle and has declared that this is her new bedroom. 
When she's not eating popcorn and watching movies from the wood box, you will likely find her sleeping in her room.
But, you'll be hard pressed to find her in her bed.

(I actually had the panicked someone has kidnapped my child feeling the other morning)

You'll need to look under the bed
Yep, under the bed.  Both of them.  Why, because they are practicing for when they can have bunk beds.

This is me, setting the record straight.  Twenty years from now, when Em is in therapy for having the worst childhood EVER......someone will need to remind the girl that she CHOSE to sleep in the wood box and under the bed, all on her own.

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