Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally, The Disneyland Post

Disneyland Recap:
* 4 day park hopper passes
* The cousins and favorite Auntie came with us one day (RJ is Emma's new BFF)
* Burrito LOVED Dumbo (of of the only rides that had more than a 5 minute wait time)
* We rode the train around Disneyland twice because Em fell asleep the first time and missed the dinosaurs
* Em rode the Matterhorn - she called the abominable snowman a 'hairy beast' (I laughed - because that's somebody else's nickname in this family)
* I got to watch the scuba divers work on setting up the light and magic show for California Adventure from atop the Ferris Wheel
* We got our picture taken with Mickey Mouse!  (Usually, I say HECK NO to standing in line waiting for characters.....we timed it just right and were one of the first people in line)
* Space Mountain is STILL my favorite, even though I had to ride it by myself.
* The Tiki Room was visited
* Everyone loved Pirates (The boy especially)
* A Pickle was eaten
* Captain EO was watched for the first time (Burrito, Em, The Boy) and remembered from childhood (me)

Here's a few pictures, I guess I'm still slide show retarded....they are a little blurry.

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