Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And then we went was camping

Seems like the new school year snuck right up on us this year.  In an effort to cram as much fun as possible into the fading hours of summer we tacked on a camping trip to our way home from Disneyland.  
Have you ever tried to pack for two very different environments into one suitcase?  It was challenging.  Thankfully, Grandma decided to meet us at the campground and so we were able to send a lot of the things we needed only for camping with her.

We camped with only  half of our extended family but we still had a good visit and the cousins got in some quality mischief making time.  We took turns basking in the morning sunshine on the logs.  It was a lot colder at 10,000 ft that we have become accustomed to for August.

The littles did a pretty great job hiking to see the Bristlecone Pines at Great Basin National Park.  We made a day of it and hiked up to the glacier too.  Better put it high on your to-do list if you want to see it.  They said in 20 years the glacier will probably be gone for good.  The last time I saw it was probably 20 years ago (that makes me feel old!) and I was surprised by how much smaller it is today.

Bob and I agreed, the mornings were too chilly for our liking.  I definitely should have packed more layers.

 The deer wandered in and out of camp fairly regularly.  That's one of my favorite memories from camping here as a kid.  It's not uncommon to find one in the trail on the way to the camp bathrooms. 

Someone gave Bob a flashlight and an official job on the cave tour.  That's a brave park ranger right there!  I stayed behind to be sure that Bob wouldn't abuse his privileges.  We took the 60 minute tour of Lehman Caves since we had the littles with us.  Everyone loved it and no one got restless.  Next time we'll do the longer one for sure!

MmmmmMmmmm....cave bacon 

MmmmmMmmmm....even better, real bacon!  Cooked over the campfire of course :)

Poor husband always has to fish with the pink, barbie pole.  But he caught a fish and we got to eat it so that's all that really matters right?

Emma was crashing through the woods on her way to the creek and she almost ran smack into these does.   We sat and watched them for a long time before they spotted the dog we had with us and trotted off into the trees.

Bob found a triangle shaped rock and immediately took it as a sign that we should go home so he could play Zelda.  Silly boy.  And that is why we go camping...

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