Monday, August 19, 2013

And then there were two in school

This year we had two first day of school pictures.  Unfortunately the camera man had to leave in a hurry this morning so we weren't quite put together and the pictures are a smidge blurry.  But we remembered and that's all the matters right?

Say right :)

First up, the girlchild.  Who still wanted to be a zoologist up until yesterday when she decided a scientist would be equally as good.  Apparently we took pictures in front of the door last there goes that plan.  But at least you can tell Emmers grew a little since last year.

And then there was Burrito.  Who is so ridiculously excited to be going to school just like his big sister he didn't even want me to walk him to the door.  Don't worry Mom, he says, I got this!

Bob's sign says he wants to be a ninja someday....naturally.

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